Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to Niraj International School.

 At Niraj, we believe each student is a gifted child  and our desire is to help them learn in the best way they can to mould them as life-long learners. We will strive to offer an abundance of opportunities for students to explore, experience, learn, find their strengths and to become the very best person they can. Through the course of their learning at NIS they will acquire and hone skills that will make them better humans and  help them face challenges in life and compete successfully in the 21st century.

Our staff at NIS will always remain proactive  and persistent when it comes to providing a safe, orderly and well-maintained school. All students are held to high behavioural standards. It is expected that our students abide by the school rules and the parents support those rules in order to ensure a safe learning environment.

Active involvement of parents is equally important and we believe that parents play a critical role in the success of our students. We are equal partners in ensuring the well- being of our students.

Working together with the students, staff and parents, we will experience a journey that brings much joy and success this next academic year.

Niraj International School.